Our Community

The decisions we make to be residents here bring a collective force to the building of our community. We are a people of intention and we are, as we have always been, ever open to changes for the good of our communities.

Mayor Erin Mendenhall

Our Community Topics

Intentional Equity, Every Day

One of our City's core values is to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging for every resident, business, and visitor.

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Every Salt Lake family deserves access to safe and affordable housing, and the assurance that their neighborhood will retain the character and sense of community that people have come to know and love through the years. We need to help more of our neighbors get into homes and — especially given the economic disruption being caused by the pandemic — stay in them.

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Homelessness is not a singular issue and it can be complex. People become and stay homeless for a wide variety of reasons. The uniqueness of each person’s journey and needs has led us as a city, county, and state to create an entirely new approach to serving individuals experiencing homelessness.

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Community-Engaged Development

Community-engaged development is the only way forward if we want to be certain that our collective growth is inclusive and equitable.

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Youth & Education

We found community partners and funded a significant expansion of the Youth City program to help with childcare and create more positive opportunities for learning and recreation, for more of our youth.

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Rising Crime Rates

Our goal is to continue to send a clear message that crime is not welcome in Salt Lake City, and we're going to act swiftly and strategically to prevent it and then to make sure prosecution can happen when it does happen.

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