Our Environment

Salt Lake City is leading the way on resilience and sustainability, by protecting our natural systems while addressing social inequities, advancing development, and addressing climate change.

Our Environment Topics

Full Integration of Sustainability

Although climate change is considered a global crisis, many of the impacts are local. This is why sustainability must be factored into the projects, programs, and policies citywide.

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Infrastructure that is designed to mimic, restore, or minimally impact nature reduces resource use, manages stormwater, improves water quality, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and helps regulate air temperatures. Investing in sustainable infrastructure provides long-term benefits for our residents and our economy while reducing negative impacts on our environment.

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Air & Energy

Emissions from our vehicles, homes and buildings all contribute to local air pollution and to our community’s carbon footprint. Actions to reduce emissions not only clear the air and reduce carbon pollution, they enhance livability and improve quality of life.

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Water is an essential component for our citizens and region to continue to prosper, and is also interconnected with energy and greenhouse gas emissions. Through smart water management and innovation, we strive to enhance and support our region’s health, environment, and economy.

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Waste reduction and reuse are the most effective ways to save natural resources, protect the environment and save money. Through waste reduction and reuse, we seek to transform our throwaway economy into one where waste is eliminated and resources are recirculated.

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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is the foundation of community resiliency and is vital for ensuring a swift recovery after disasters that could happen at any time. Prudent preparedness also leads to the most efficient use of existing resources.

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