Our Growth

We have the unique opportunity right now to harness growth for our good, and we’re going to start by dedicating government resources to ensuring that our growth benefits everyone in Salt Lake City.

Mayor Erin Mendenhall

Our Growth Topics

Arts & Culture

Salt Lake City is a crossroads of culture, thought and belief. Our communities are the reason so many of us love this city — they define us as a place where everyone belongs, and they push us to grow together for the collective good.

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Economic Development

Supporting a strong community includes tapping into Salt Lake City’s growth to make it a hub for innovative high-tech business — bringing more high-paying, fast-growing jobs to our city, and connecting our residents to them.

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We work towards creating a culture of innovation in city government, helping Salt Lake City to modernize business processes, standardize our approach to project management, improve public transparency, streamline inefficiencies, and promote the use of data to drive decisions.

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Services & Recreation

Our growth as a city will continue as we creatively invest in and enhance some of Salt Lake City’s most storied focal points.

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