Our City Family

We’re committed to supporting the well-being of all City employees, and this includes a plan for implementing an increase to the City’s living wage through a phased approach, supporting advancement and opportunity, and ensuring our workforce is supported in their physical and mental health.

Our City Family Topics

Health & Safety

Supporting City employees’ physical, mental, and economic wellbeing is essential because our City team is what makes everything possible

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Advocacy & Advancement

Ensuring that the all employees' potentials are recognized and fostered is critical to the efficiency of City operations.

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Recruitment & Retention

We’ve made recommendations on crisis training and diversity in recruitment, to name a few. And our work will continue to make Salt Lake City safer for all.

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Emergency Preparedness

We want our employees to feel confident that our city will remain resilient through hard times. We have already begun an internal risk assessment to plan for the inevitable and ensure that Salt Lake City continues to thrive, come rain or shine.

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